Boyut Architecture Co., Ltd. is an architectural design company established in 1984, in Ankara. The founder of the company Faruk Bozkurt Gürsoytrak managed to establish the company by participating and earning two first degree awards from two architectural design competitions. After the company was established, the company continued to participate in international design competitions and won first degree awards, which led them to the chance to make projects in Russia. With national and international projects, the company gained skills about local and international design standards. These skills provided them to have international projects.


      Boyut Architecture, since the day it was established, has projects in various countries as; Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Siberia, Republic of Sakha, Ingushetia, Ossetia, Dagestan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Libya, Kyrgyzstan, Sudan, Sweden, Azerbaijan and Kuwait.


     The company has projects in various fields as; urban planning, health facilities, housing, retail buildings, sports facilities, office buildings, high-rise buildings, industrial buildings, transportation buildings, administrative buildings, cultural facilities, governmental buildings, hotels and education buildings.




     He was born in İstanbul, in 1958. After he finished T.E.D Ankara College he graduated from Department of Architecture, Ankara State Academy of Engineering and Architecture (ADMMA) in 1979. He worked on various projects at Yalçın-Beate Oğuz Architects as intern between 1976-79, and as architect between 1979-83. He participated in educational studies at Department of Architecture in METU as Research Assistant. He established Boyut Architecture Co., Ltd. On March, 1984. With his architectural works, he also works as a part time lecturer at Faculty of Architecture and Engineering, Gazi University since 2003. He participates in different national and international competitions since his school years and his projects were chosen to various degrees and including first degree. He also participated in different national architectural project competitions in different time periods as a jury member.


     He is a member of TMMOB Chamber of Architects, TSMD, 1972ArchitectsFoundation, TOBB Assembly of Technical Advisors and Urban Land Institute. He has works in various fields as mixed-use, retail, tourism, office, housing, health, sports, education, government, military and industrial facilities.




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